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  • Squash Cannon 240 Volt Version (click for details)

    Squash Cannon 240 Volt Version

    Order Squash Cannon 240 Volt Version
  • Squash Cannon 120 Volt Version (click for details)

    Squash Cannon 120Volt Version

    Order Squash Cannon 120 Volt Version North American Plug @ $ USD3,987.00
  • Remote Control (click for details)

    The remote control allows control of many features of the Cannon without being near the machine. The remote unit allows the user to pause a drill and it allows the user to shoot a ball with the push of a button.

    Order Remote Control Standard Remote Control @ $ USD199.00
  • Remote Control Protective Case (click for details)

    Who has time to worry about a broken remote? Protect your connection to the Cannon with the Squash Cannon rubber remote defender. Included extended belt clip for easy carrying.

    Order Remote Control Protective Case Standard @ $ USD35.00
  • Cannon Cover (click for details)

    Protect your investment with the sturdy vinyl machine cover. This cover is a great way to keep curious hands off your cannon.

    Order Cannon Cover Standard @ $ USD165.00
  • Laser Targeting System (click for details)

    The laser targeting system produces a vertical laser line on the front wall to allow for quick machine adjustments. A great way to show beginners where they need to hit the front or side wall to achieve different shots.

    Order Laser Targeting System Standard @ $ USD175.00
  • 50’ Extension Cord (click for details)

    High gauge 50 ‘ extension cord

    Order 50’ Extension Cord Standard @ $ USD75.00
  • Extended Warranty (click for details)

    Add up to two years to the original one year warranty. (must be added within 6 months of delivery) $250 Per year per unit. Warranty extension offered above provides the same coverage as the original 1 year warranty, with the exception of transport, which will be the responsibility of the owner of the Squash Cannon […]

    Order Extended Warranty