The Pickleball Cannon

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From the creators of the world’s number 1 squash machine comes the first ball machine designed specifically for pickleball. This machine was designed from the ground up for pickleball and is not a converted tennis ball machine. The Pickleball Cannon features a 100-ball capacity with a collapsible ball hopper that can also double as a carrying bag to bring balls to and from the court. With an exclusive touch panel control it can create dinks, lobs, serves, and groundstroke with a simple touch. Top spin and back spin are also easily adjusted with a simple slider. The collapsible cart is also exclusive to Cannon Ball Machines and not only make the units easy to get on and off the court but also puts the machine at a realistic hitting height. No more balls shooting up from the ground or bending over to adjust the controls.

Now, add an 8 button remote and control speed, interval and elevation from across the net. You can also pause the machine and turn the oscillation on and off with a simple press of a button.

There is no other machine on the market that gives you all these features standard in one simple to use unit.

Made In Canada


The Pickleball Cannon is the first pickleball machine built from the ground up for pickleball.

With the touch panel control you can choose from a number of drills including Manual, Decay, Lob Drop, or Interval training. Training for pickleball has never been so productive.

The remote control allows you to control many functions from the other side of the net. Pausing in the middle of a drill or turning on and off the oscillation is a snap. The remote also allows fine tune the elevation or speed to produce the exact shot you’re looking for.

Select Drill Screen Representation

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Weight 50 lbs




Ball speed

0 to over 45 MPH

Ball feed rate

0.75 to 15 seconds between balls


Drive to lob, top spin and back spin


120VAC or 240VAC 15 AMPS or DC powered


The Pickleball Cannon is backed by a one-year warranty covering both parts and labor


Specifications subject to change without notice

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