“I find the squash cannon especially helpful for the beginner to the professional player. at all levels players can practice shots that maybe of difficulty like serve/returns and get that muscle memory for that shot so during a game it becomes automatic.

I find also using the cannon as a coach it is able to feed difficult balls more accurately and allows me to watch players execute shots from a completely different angle thus seeing new weaknesses of the player.

It also allows the pupil to see the coach execute the same shot from maybe outside the court to get a better gauge on the technical side of a shot.;

While the coach is trying to concentrate on giving good feeds to a player now the squash cannon actually allows me to coach better by being able to actually watch the player much more closely than ever before.

Great squash teaching aid!!!”

Scott Denne
Head Squash Professional
The Cleveland Racquet Club

“Just a quick note to let you know that we used the ball machine in practice today for the first time and boy is that a great teaching tool, not to mention a wonderful toy!

It was very easy to set it up to hit boasts and hard high serves (that’s all I got to today) and I had fun running the girls on the varsity team at Nobles up and back, adjusting the speed on the ball feed!


Mike Loucks