The Baseball Cannon

$899.00 USD

Available for pre-order

The Baseball Cannon features a 100-ball capacity with a collapsible ball hopper that can also double as a carrying bag to bring balls to and from the Field. With an exclusive touch panel control it can create fastballs or curves with a simple touch. Using the optional hand eye training bat will further increase your hitting efficiency and the use of poly balls will give you the opportunity to practice virtually anywhere. The exclusive collapsible cart makes this unit easy to get to and from the field and put away for storage.

Now, add an 8 button remote and control speed, curve and interval.  You can also pause the machine and or shoot a ball at the press of a button which makes the machine ideal for coaching situations.

There is no other machine on the market that gives you all these features standard in one simple to use unit at this price.

Made In Canada

The perfect machine for developing hand eye without needing to go to a batting cage.

With the touch panel control you can easily adjust all functions of the machine to produce hard hitting fast balls or elusive curves.

The optional remote control allows you to control the spin, speed and frequency of a pitch. It also gives you the ability to fire a pitch on command or to pause the machine to reload.

Select Drill Screen Representation

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Weight 50 lbs




Ball speed

0 to over 45 MPH

Ball feed rate

0.75 to 15 seconds between balls


Fastballs or curves


The Baseball Cannon is backed by a one-year warranty covering both parts and labor


Specifications subject to change without notice

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