Do you have to put powder on the balls to prevent jamming?

The thought of putting powder on the balls makes us uneasy. Imagine when this powder gets on the squash court. The Squash Cannon DOES NOT require you to put powder on the balls to prevent jamming. We feel this can create a dangerous condition on the court. Our machines have been designed to run without ball jams using standard squash balls and NO POWDER! Just load the balls and you are ready to go.

Can I use hard balls?

The Squash Cannon is designed for use with standard soft balls only (1.5”, 38mm). Using improper squash balls can be hazardous and may damage the machine and void warranty.

Where do you ship?

We can ship the squash Cannon anywhere in the world. Check out our around the world page to see where we currently have machines.

Is there a battery operated version?

As a result of the high current requirement of the heating element it is not realistic to make the machine battery operated. The machine however is easily portable to anywhere where there is an electrical outlet.

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