“I am very very chuffed (thrilled) with the machine! QH had a good look inside and he is so impressed with the way the machine is made. He used to design mine winders for a big mining house that had shafts going 5km under ground – so he checked out all the mechanics etc.

Yesterday all the coaches in Pretoria came and had a look at my kids using the machine and a school is very interested. They were amazed at how disciplined the players were at sweeping balls away and keeping the machine going. We are working with 150 balls as we don’t need to heat them … it’s about 29 degrees C on court at present.

Thanx again and loving it!!”

– Liz M
South Africa

“Our first experience with the Cannon has gone very very well! It performed beautifully and I was very impressed by the finishing of the product.

All in all a great product and one that I am sure will serve us well. Most of the Centre staff were shown how to operate and out top coach in Canberra has given it a big tick! He will be a constant user I think.”

Thanx again and loving it!!”

Brian Jones