“Just wanted to say that I used the cannon at the Talbott Academy last week and it was excellent. The accuracy and the tempo was perfect for the USA Team in their preparation for the worlds.”

Aidan Harrison
USA National Coach

“The Squash Cannon is the perfect tool for all levels of play. Even world-ranked players benefit. It enables them to repeat and perfect any shot, to gain the competitive edge over their opponents. At high levels, the competition is tight, and shot accuracy is an absolute necessity.”

Mike Way
Coach of Jonathan Power, World #1

“Congratulations on the Cannon! It’s definitely the best squash ball machine I have ever tried. It’s incredibly powerful and easy to use. The students on the Yale teams love it! I can’t wait to use it at the Talbott Squash Academy. What a great teaching and practicing tool!”

Mark Talbott
Director Talbot Squash Academy
Women’s Coach Yale University
#1 ranked WPSA Hard Ball player for 13 years